Grant Spira Nov 2014 LRBiomass or wood pellet heating is a relatively straight forward alternative to traditional oil boiler powered heating systems on suitable properties. Giving a similar output to an oil boiler there is no need for any changes in radiator sizes in the majority of properties.

I can offer installations based around the Grant range of biomass boilers which include Vecta & Spira models with outputs varying between 6 and 72 KW.


G-One wood pellet

I am a Grant G-One accredited installer for their range of Vortex oil fired boilers. Which means I am factory trained in all aspects of the boilers installation, set up & maintenance, it also means that any boilers supplied and installed by me come with a 5 year guarantee. Therefore any customer having a boiler supplied and installed by me can be assured of full confidence in the installation. I am also authorised by Grant to carry out any warranty work on there behalf in the unlikely event of any problem arising with their product.




I am also a member of the Grant G-One GAPS scheme. Installations will be fully certified through the MCS scheme meaning the owner will be eligible for payments under the RHI scheme, which is a seven year scheme designed to recoup the initial cost of the installation.